Aazaan International

Since the past decade Aazaan International has been recognized in Pakistan as an expert in Indoor Air Quality and contamination control services.

At Aazaan International we take the quality of our products and services very seriously which is why our product line and services include the most top of the line quality products globally. Through our services and products we are making the quality of life and work better both in homes and workplaces.

All our international affiliations whether for air quality testing, air purifiers or pest control equipment are companies that are the best in their respective fields globally and in line with Aazaan International’s own values of bringing the same quality products to Pakistan that are being used in the best companies in the world and are renowned for all the right reasons.

In the past ten years we have helped clients from various industries and lives solve their problems relating to:

  • Air quality and contamination control in data centres and healthcare sectors
  • Resolving corrosion issues in Data Centers/Server Rooms and MRI and CT Scan Rooms
  • Industrial companies looking for pest control solutions, better indoor air quality for cleanroom standards or to protect and improve life of equipment.
  • Office and home users seeking a cleaner and pest free environment.  
  • Laboratories or critical areas requiring to maintain a strict quality standard in their critical rooms.
  • Asthma or allergy patients who want to improve their quality of life
  • Reduce costs and increase bottom line profits by improving food products shelf life and adopting innovative warehousing methodologies and agricultural practices.

We at Aazaan International take pride in being a part of the solution for our clients’ and customers’ needs and we assure you that whatever your requirements are regarding to air quality or environmental services we will make sure to have a solution for you and your company.