Make your guests feel at home with clean air

In recent years, the hospitality industry has dramatically improved its awareness of air quality issues that have a direct impact on guest comfort and health.  More customers today are sensitive to poor air quality in hotels. Often the first cause of concern is odours from cleaning agents, tobacco smoke or water damage or renovation. In addition, a growing number of customers are looking for hotel accommodations that cater to their need for an allergy- or asthma-friendly environment.

Hotel developers and managers realize air quality can be an important consideration for guests, especially in deciding whether or not to return to the property for future trips or meetings. A growing number of travelers who suffer from allergies, will no longer stay at hotels unless the guest rooms have allergy-friendly options and appointments. The same guests who are willing to pay a premium for allergy-sensitive sleeping rooms also expect the same high level of air quality in lobbies, conference rooms, and even large ballrooms.

IQAir has the ability to assist the hospitality industry with particular air quality problems or a desire for preventive actions by providing state-of-the-art air cleaning solutions that are scientifically validated. Whether a problem stems from polluted outdoor air or from a particular chemical substance released by indoor materials, IQAir is able to offer solutions that address the particular concern at hand and fit the budget and other practical requirements of the hotel or restaurant.