Aazaan International – One Stop Solution for Data Centre Air Quality Management

Aazaan International has been providing air quality diagnostics and solutions since 2005 to clients from multiple sectors across varied industries ranging from IT Industries, health care sector, pharmaceutical companies etc. We at Aazaan International believe in being your one stop partner for all your air quality management needs. At Aazaan International we make sure that we provide you with customized solutions according to your needs and budget without any compromise on quality to control corrosion of PCBs and Server Equipment. With our range of products and variations, we provide you with the best air filtration services as well as the best air quality monitoring equipment to contain problems related to air quality deterioration and control.

Salient Features of IQAir Equipment

Decrease in Server Downtimes:

IQAir air purification and filtration systems are designed to combat air quality issues that result in data centers not working to their optimum performance along with reduction in costs while maintaining these data centers and server rooms.

Safeguarding of expensive equipment:

IQAir units are globally rated as the no. 1 air purification unit against all kinds of particles and contaminants in the air and therefore no other air purifier can address the issue of air cleaning as comprehensively and as efficiently as the IQAir air filtration systems.

Controlling overheads and costs:

The IQAir units itself takes maximum power of less than 160W to operate which is lesser than the power consumed by two energy savers.
 Also, our comprehensive air quality testing services include the following:

  • Particle testing/gas testing through laser counters and gas counters for air testing for particles and gaseous contaminants.
  • Online corrosion monitoring through coupons and real time corrosion recording and testing with data-logging facilities.
  • Humidity and temperature monitoring of the facilities with data logging equipment