Three Models

The main filter module of the CleanZone 5000 can be individually configured for specific pollutants in any commercial environment. The base models available for particle, gas, chemical and odour control include:

CleanZone 5100: For maximum reduction of particulate matter and microorganisms, this system combines high-efficiency pre-filtration with a HyperHEPA 700 filter drum for ultimate particle control.

CleanZone 5200: For maximum reduction of gases, odours and particulate matter (including microorganisms), the 5200 features up to 72 kg of gas and odour filtration media plus exceptional particle control with high-efficiency pre-filtration and post-filtration.

CleanZone 5300: For full-spectrum reduction of gases, odours, particles and microorganisms, the main filter module of this model includes up to 42 kg of gas and odour filtration media, plus a HyperHEPA 300 filter drum for extraordinary particle control.

Advanced Particle Filtration

IQAir CleanZone 5000 Series air purifiers combine powerful, high-efficiency pre-filtration with up to 28 m2 (surface area) of IQAir’s HyperHEPA filtration media. HyperHEPA is the only air cleaning technology tested and certified to effectively filter harmful ultrafine pollution particles down to 0.003 microns in size with an efficiency of 99.5%.

These tiny particles are 100 times smaller than what is achieved with ordinary air filtration technology and up to 10 times smaller than a typical virus. At the pre-filtration stage, the CleanZone 5000’s high-efficiency pre-filter removes more than 95% of all particles (0.3 microns and larger), including 85% of all particles down to 0.003 microns, before air is moved through additional HyperHEPA particle filtration or gas and odour filter cartridges.

Best Media, Superior Filtration

The amazing performance of the CleanZone 5200 and 5300 models begins with the highest-quality, exceptionally porous activated bituminous-coal carbon in the gas-phase filtration cartridges. This is not the lower-cost, high-dust carbon from coconut shells that many air purifiers use. That's good news if you're allergic to coconut. IQAir does not use zeolite, another less effective and less expensive filtration medium.

The superior activated carbon in the CleanZone 5000 models with gas and odour filtration is blended with chemisorbers that target other volatile organic compounds in the air, including formaldehyde. In some configurations, IQAir activated carbon is complemented by pelletized aluminum oxide. The alumina pellets are impregnated with potassium permanganate, forming a powerful combination to filter a wide spectrum of gases, odors and chemicals.

Multiple Configurations

With three models and 10 optional configurations, the CleanZone 5000 offers a performance combination for almost every air quality problem. The CleanZone 5100 is equipped with the IQAir HyperHEPA 700 filter drum for maximum filtration efficiency of fine and ultrafine particles. The CleanZone 5000 series is optimized for gas-phase pollution treatment, with 12 GCXL/S cartridges in various available configurations: